Race to Dubai: Golf Betting

The intricacies of golf, frequency of big tournaments and high level of competition around the world combine to make it one of the most popular sports to bet on. There are always a range of interesting markets for any big Race to Dubai event, and the following types of bet are among the most common.


  • Outright Winner – This bet requires you to name the golfer that you think will win the Race to Dubai tournament outright. In comparison to other sports, the odds are usually longer and more enticing, even for favourites, due to the number of high-class competitors in any event.
  • Each-Way Single – A type of bet where you make two wagers on the same selection. One of the bets is for the player to win, and the other is for them to place (specified by the bookmaker as top three, four etc). If the player wins, you receive a return from both parts of the bet, while if the player comes in one of the specified positions without winning, you still receive a return. It is a great way to ensure you donít walk away with nothing by just backing a winner and seeing them fall just short.
  • Accumulator – An accumulator is a type of bet which incorporates multiple different selections in a single wager. You only get a return if each individual prediction proves to be correct, but the difficulty of winning is offset by the potential rewards that can be generated from small stakes.
  • Top 5/10/15 Finish – If you predict that a golfer will perform well but would not like to say for sure that they will win, you can back them to place in the top five, ten or 15 positions.
  • Forecasts and Tricasts – Punters can decide which golfers they think will finish in the top two (forecast) or top three (tricast), and even predict the order (a straight forecast or tricast). The odds are generally fantastic, but you have to get it exactly right to win the bet.
  • Top National Player – Here you bet on who you think will be the best player from a specific country. For example, you could bet on the top Swedish player or the top Great Britain & Ireland player.
  • Round One Betting – In this type of wager there would be an option to bet on who you think will be at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the first round. Match Betting Ė A bet where you are given a choice of golfers who the bookies think are evenly matched and have to decide which one will have the highest finish. This might be a prediction between two golfers (Two Ball) or three (Three Ball).

Most golf bets are subject to a dead heat rule, as it is very common for a number of players to finish on the same score. While a play-off would be staged to determine the winner of a tournament, this does not usually happen for other places. For example, if you bet on someone to finish in the top five and they came in below four other players but equal with two more, a dead heat rule would apply. In this scenario, the amount you staked would be divided by three (as there were three players tied on the same score) before your winnings were paid at the odds you selected.