How to Pick Golf Winners

A large part of the fun for many golf fans is following the twists and turns of a tournament or season and revelling in it all as the drama unfolds. If it was an entirely predictable sport then it would be far less interesting and there would be no need for bookmakers. However, it is always exciting to try and predict what will happen and there are a few tips that could improve your chances.

  • Be Selective – The art of being a successful bettor ultimately comes down to selecting the right wagers, but part of this is also knowing when not to be drawn in. If it is just too tough to call who might win the latest big tournament in the Race to Dubai, then look at the other markets. Betting on the outright winner might offer a great price and be a good idea some of the time, but you are more likely to be successful by wagering on a market like a match bet or top-10 finish where the odds are more favourable, whether you are an expert on golf or not.
  • Study Form – Everyone has their own favourite players, while there is also a temptation sometimes to just go with a gut feeling over who to back, but the shrewd punter follows form very closely. This is not just a case of jotting down a few recent winners, but also looking out for patterns of performance and maybe seeing who has been consistently placing quite highly but has stayed under the radar of bookies. Even if you have a player in mind, you will have to cross-check how they are playing against the form of other competitors to make sure they are still the best option.
  • Pay Attention to the Course – Recent form is essential to picking a winner, but so is studying the course. Take a look at previous results from the same venue, find out which players have competed there in the past and think about why they may or may not have had success there. For instance, players who can drive the ball a great distance will generally prosper at longer courses, but if the fairways are narrower then it is accuracy that is more important.
  • Bet Singles – Placing an accumulator across several different tournaments or match bets may give the potential of a large payout, but you are much more likely to lose because at least one or two surprises could occur. The best way of generating a good strike rate of winning golf bets is to bet in singles only. If you must place an accumulator bet for the fun of it, use token stakes only so that your loss is minimal.
  • Bet In-Play – While it is a great idea to look at the form in advance and pick your winners, you also have to be flexible. The odds can fluctuate considerably in-play and if you are following the action you can gauge how players are performing at the same time as the bookies and take advantage of the best odds. You might also be able to size up other important factors which were not previously evident, such as the weather. Players taking to the course at different times can sometimes be at a significant advantage or disadvantage, for example if strong winds are around for part of the day but then ease down later.