Tournament Betting

The Race to Dubai features a series of exciting tournaments throughout the year, played at some of the most glorious courses in the world and contested by the very finest players. Each event is not only a great spectacle, but also an opportunity for punters to try and beat the bookmakers. Visit the page on How to Pick Winners for ideas on the best way to select which players might flourish, but these hints could also help to increase your chances of success when betting on tournaments.

  • Shop Around – Although it is often the case that the same kinds of bets are offered by different golf bookmakers, you won’t necessarily get the same odds on those bets. It is therefore always worth shopping around to get the best price before deciding to put any of your money on the line.
  • Divide & Conquer – Instead of viewing a golf tournament as one big event and trying to predict the overall winner, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by breaking it down into separate opportunities which might be easier to predict. There are generally a large amount of match bets available each day, so you might want to pick which of two or three golfers will perform best rather than go for the outright champion.
  • Have an In-Play Strategy – Tournaments are played over 72 holes and four days, so all the time spent researching a winner in advance can feel futile if your pick makes a disastrous start. It is important to be flexible in tournament betting and learn how previous events have unfolded. In some competitions, for example, history will suggest that it is very hard for players to make up ground after day one, while in other tournaments it might be much easier to come from behind and the leaders at the halfway mark might not be worth backing.
  • Consider Dutching – Dutching is a betting strategy which involves betting on several selections so that you make a profit no matter which one wins. It is very useful in golf tournaments where there are so many players competing against each other. For example, if you fancy one player at odds of 5/1 and you think that there are two dangers priced at 7/1 and 9/1, you could bet £20 on the 5/1 shot and £10 on each of the 7/1 and 9/1 shots. This effectively gives you three chances of finding the winner instead of just one, and you are guaranteed to end up with a decent return as long as one of the three wins.